Enterprise-Grade GPU Cloud Services

As a provider of professional computing services and technical solutions, DaoCloud helps government agencies, research institutions, and operators to build and operate AI data centers in multiple regions including Shanghai, Hefei, Tianjin, Hong Kong and other places. And by setting up an Open AI Ecosystem Platform featuring with LLM model suites, DaoCloud promotes collaborative innovations between computing power and AI applications, providing you with efficient, reliable, and accessible GPU cloud services for your AI training, fine-tunning, and inference.

On-demand GPU access
Tian Jin
AI Data Center
He Fei
AI Data Center
Shang Hai
AI Data Center
Hong Kong
AI Data Center
A Powerful
Computing Network
A Powerful Computing Network

Support high-speed interconnects for thousands to tens of thousands of GPUs, creating an optimal network utilization for a super-large-scale GPU cluster, ensuring stable, high-speed, and reliable computing resources usage.

Resource Scheduling
Flexible Resource Scheduling

Provide flexible scheduling solutions of computing, network, and storage resources, effectively improving resource utilization. Users can use computing resources on a pay-as-you-go model, reducing costs significantly.

Processing Capabilities
Exceptioal Processing Capabilities

Deliver top-notch computing performance with software and hardware co-optimization, minimizing training times through GPU sharing and acceleration, improving your algorithm accuracy.

Model Suites
Featured Model Suites

Offer a variety of convenient, efficient model suites through the Open AI Ecosystem Platform, supporting model development and training, accelerating AI application implementation and innovation.

Operation and Maintenance Services
Comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Services

Provide high-quality computing power operation and maintenance services, achieving one-stop performance tuning for both software and hardware, coupled with efficient, visualized platform management, safeguarding enterprises’ computing power usage.

An Open AI Ecosystem Platform, Accelerating AI Applications Innovation

Create a feature-rich, user-friendly, and efficient Open AI Ecosystem Platform to users, integrating convenient and practical ecological products and open-source tools required for data preparation, model development, training, and deployment. It supports efficient model development and training, making it easy for users to apply AI technologies to drive business growth and industrial upgrades.

Comprehensive AI Development and Production Tools

Integrate a rich selection of model suite tools for data acquisition, exploration, model development, training, deployment, fine-tuning, and management, allowing for low-cost, efficient application of AI technology, accelerating innovation in products and businesses.

Convenient Data Management and Preparation Tools

Provide a comprehensive set of tools for data management, visualization, cleaning, and enhancement, enabling data scientists and algorithm engineers to streamline their workflow and focus on model development.

Efficient Model Development and Training Support

Provide an intuitive IDE with interactive development, visual modeling, and distributed training. It reduces costs, ensures efficient model deployment, and seamlessly connects development, training, and production environments.